About MPR Partners

We are an internationally recommended and award winning Romanian law firm with a client-orientated, innovative and creative approach. Our recognition comes from reputed legal ranking publications at both international and local level.

We have gained in-depth knowledge of relevant legal framework and practicalities covering all areas of interest for private business and public administration sectors. We are a full-service law firm also providing integrated specialized tax advisory and insolvency (restructuring & bankruptcy) services, our clients coming back to us on every occasion, both for day-to-day advice and strategic assistance in complex transactions, investment projects and disputes.

About our Technology & Data protection practices

In the context of an increasingly regulated environment and today’s rapidly evolving data related technologies, protecting personal data continues to be a major challenge for all businesses and governmental institutions alike. Seeing that lately companies face bigger reputational and financial risks for non-compliance with data protection law, it is essential to implement a strong data protection oriented culture in your organization. This includes measures related not only to your employees or contractors, but also to your customers, your suppliers or business partners. Personal data security breaches, cross border transfers, online behavioural profiling, privacy by design and by default– they all draw the attention of the regulating authorities, especially when it concerns personal data that are carelessly handled.

Our attorneys have been involved in some of the milestone transactions that have helped shape the very legal framework in place today in the field of IT & Telecom and have acquired in the process sound knowledge, expertize and know-how on a wide array of technology, IT & Telecom related matters, including licensing and IP, e-sales and sales of electronic content, software development and implementation, regulatory, financing, corporate and mergers & acquisitions matters, competition, environment, public procurement, privatization and day-to-day legal advice.

Our highly professional team is prepared to advise you on more than the letter of law, having a business oriented approach and understanding the interplay between data protection and several complementary legal fields, such as employment, IT or competition. We are at your service for the entire spectrum of data protection related matters, including assessment of your current situation concerning personal data (by identifying, mapping and securing it) in order to meet the accountability requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), implementing tools and strategies in order to avoid data leaks and minimise the risk of liabilities and fines entailed by infringing the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or the national data protection laws, conducting tailor-made trainings for increasing the level of understanding the data protection matters in day-to-day business, drafting data breach notification plans, drafting tailor-made processing agreements. We equally provide outsourced DPO (data protection officer) service for organisations that are obliged to appoint a DPO under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) but do not have the necessary data protection knowledge or expertise.

In addition, we provide GDPR representative services, for organisations with no business presence in the European Economic Area (EEA) that offer goods or services to individuals in the EEA, or if they monitor the behaviour of individuals in the EEA. Professional GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legal and compliance support from our experts ensures that all documentation (processes, procedures, policies, training programmes) and commercial agreements comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) provisions. In addition, we are ready to provide you with support and representation in administrative proceedings towards data protection supervisory authorities and before local or European courts. We equally provide assistance during data protection authority inspections and thereafter for challenging the outcome of the inspection, as applicable.

Should you want to learn more about our firm and all the practice areas we professionally cover, please visit our website.